ANF Merch is a self-contained world of ultra-decorative printed apparel, accessories, prints and homeware designed by Adam Nathaniel Furman, a world-renowned artist, author & designer who has a voracious passion for designing utterly unique and distinctly bold products for people's everyday use... Adam's mission is to add a splash of divine OTT-ness to everyone's outfit, and everyone's living room.

Whilst the studio works on large art commissions, interiors, buildings and sculptures, Adam is totally obsessed with constantly designing and releasing new collections and patterns for us here at ANF Merch, as this is where they find the most direct link between the joy of designing, and getting those designs into the hands of customers who will enjoy and appreciate the designs - all this means collecting our products can become addictive, you've been warned! It also explains our (seemingly odd, for those not-in-the-know) mix of architecturally-themed and purely-patterned items, which is simply an expression of Adam's abiding love for both architecture (including designing imaginary architectures and illustrating existing iconic buildings) and decoration.